Beyond the Borders


I would like to show and share to the people of all ages, sex, beliefs, ethnicity...etc that our world is a very small place that we have the opportunity to love each other while we are living on it.

The earth has got seven continents and five oceans. In my design I showed that even though these five oceans separated continents, divided earth, and made borders they are just oceans and no matter how deep they are we took over and got through them.

It would be a good example to let people embrace the fact that no matter how different we are, we are capable of going deeper and understand each other the same way that we took over the earth. The idea was that people think no matter where they were born we are all the same and were born on the earth. The precious earth that was created for us to gain the benefit of it and share it with one another.

This place will bring the whole image of the earth that is so big to touch to a size that is tangible for everyone from young to old. It is a place to understand that we are one. Also, it will be beneficial for students and schools. It will help students to have a tangible understanding of our world THE EARTH.

It is designed based on the shape of the earth. It is divided with five seating areas which represent the five oceans on the earth.

There are countless different cultures living on the earth. To be able to understand cultures people need to accept and respect each other as human beings and to be able to see the differences and learn about them. 

When people start to look at the world around them in different perspectives they would appreciate the diversity more, as it is making our world more interesting. A country without music, art, …and culture cannot be imagined or exist, because it would be a boring place to be and also human nature is seeking to create.  

«When public spaces are successful […] they will increase opportunities to participate in communal activity. This fellowship in the open nurtures the growth of public life, which is stunted by the social isolation of ghettos and suburbs. In the parks, plazas, markets, waterfronts, and natural areas of our cities, people from different cultural groups can come together in a supportive context of mutual enjoyment. As these experiences are repeated, public spaces become vessels to carry positive communal meanings».                          (Carr, Francis, Rivlin and Stone, 1993, p. 344)


The idea is to add magical and special features to the space with lighting design to show the stars on the surface of the ceiling. Also to show the world map on the earth (sphere) inside the place with lighting design. It will be amazing to show the continents, oceans, countries and their names with lighting design. It will interact giving information to everybody and make the place more interesting to visitors.

The great thing about this idea is that it can be in different sizes from a kiosk in a shopping centre to a larger scale in the middle of a city centre. It will introduce the new concept of Beyond the Borders to encourage people to consider how we share the world.    

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